Vaccinology Barbie and 3D-Printed Coral in Hong Kong: Inside Tw:in’s September Newsletter

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Barbie dolls are being created to honor inspiring women

Here’s what our community member Nina Hiukkanen has to say: 

"In general, I think it's great to see more and more women entering STEM careers. This time particularly calls for new female role models - the pandemic has worsened gender inequality around the world which is amplifying the impact of the pandemic. This is a great way to honor our heroes and create discussion around the topic." 



2. 🇭🇰 3D-printed tiles are being used to restore Hong Kong's coral reefs

“Since being placed on the seafloor last summer, the clay tiles have already started to attract life back to the area. The water is once again teeming with marine animals and the corals are starting to flourish.”

Spotted by Kazuhiro Murakami



3. 🇺🇸 Helaina is developing immune-boosting breast milk through precision fermentation

One problem with synthetic breast milk? It never quite manages to replicate the immune equivalent proteins found in the real thing. Helaina makes first-of-its-kind breast milk components that actually build immunity. 

Spotted by Jack Parsons



4. 🇨🇳 Ikea abandons set route with new concept store

Shanghai’s new concept store does away with the typical walking route consumers expect. Instead, they'll find a mix of lively spaces for events and co-creation as well as quiet areas where visitors can unwind. 

Spotted by Veerle Deunynck



5. 🇱🇹 Create art and turn it into an NFT with SketchAR

Now when an artist is selected as a Creator of the Week by the SketchAR community, their latest artwork is automatically turned into an NFT and placed on the OpenSea marketplace. Soon SketchAR will enable any artist to create and auction an NFT on-demand.

Spotted by Fer Rocha 

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