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tw:in, TrendWatching's extended content team, is a community of 850+ trend-driven professionals and enthusiasts across 65+ countries who aim to build a better business world through meaningful, purpose-driven trends and innovations.

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How we work

Hosted in Slack, tw:in is a platform where our community members (affectionately called “spotters”) share innovative product, services, experiences, campaigns, business models and publications they’ve spotted locally or whilst scanning the online world.

As it's a collaborative intelligence hub, spotters have access to what others are sharing, as well as to TrendWatching’s content team - which uses some of the contributions in its trend research process.


Besides having access to findings from around the globe, spotters have the opportunity to enrol in collaborative initiatives alongside TrendWatching’s analysts, attend virtual and IRL meet-ups, and get a taste of TrendWatching’s Academy, which allows them to study our PDI methodology and how to spot trends.

Spotters range from eager business school students and senior agency directors to ambitious insight managers and even some CEOs, across many industries. 

tw:in numbers

  • 854 active spotters
  • 65 different countries
  • 42% of spotters based in Europe, 4% in Africa, 15% in Asia-Pacific, 21% in Latin America, 16% in North America and 2% in the Middle East
  • 45 unique innovation-submission channels covering 25 different industries
  • 71K+ messages and spottings exchanged
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Spotters' benefits

  • Share & discuss game-changing innovations with a like-minded community of trend enthusiasts. 
  • Stay up to date with innovations from different industries and regions.
  • Work alongside and meet up with our trend analysts and help shape our content.

Want to join?

Please tell Joaquim Moody, Head of tw:in, a bit more about yourself, your passions, your work, the innovations that currently excite you and so on, and he'll get back to you asap.