IKEA and Pizza Hut create a table for sharing pizza

Pizza Hut x Ikea

Pizza Hut & IKEA in Hong Kong partnered to create the Säva table: a human-sized version of the plastic ‘table’ that prevents a box lid from touching the pizza inside it.

Released this month, the limited-edition table is three-legged, adorned with a Pizza Hut logo in the middle, and is packed in a giant pizza box. The assembly manual encourages users to eat pizza off of the table, which is designed to be easy to clean after eating. The partnership also saw Pizza Hut, in an ode to IKEA, release a Swedish Meatball Pizza. The Säva table can only be purchased through IKEA or Pizza Hut in Hong Kong.

pizza hut insight
This alliance captures the spirit and the expertise of each brand - IKEA’s in clever home designs, Pizza Hut’s in… pizza, while melding them together. Not only that, but it encourages repeat customers. Seeing the table in their home serves as a daily reminder to keep ordering Pizza Hut! 

Revenue may be drying up across industries right now, but this is your opportunity to get creative on how you can meet your customers’ needs. And perhaps tap into new, highly specific needs your brand hasn’t considered before. IKEA and Pizza Hut did this here, by thinking about what would boost the pizza dining experience in their customers’ homes. What brand would be the perfect partner to reach out to?

Life at home. Speaking of dining at home, we’d venture to guess this table wasn’t designed with COVID-19 in mind. But it does allow some interesting food (pizza!) for thought about how your customer’s journey is changing. What did a day in your customer’s life look like before? What does their day look like now, in a confined space? 

Maybe after a WFH session at their desk, they move to the couch. They decide to save the food they shouldn’t be hoarding (but are anyway). Your customer probably can’t /definitely shouldn’t dine out and must order in - either from Pizza Hut or better yet, a local pizzeria (side note: PLEASE support small businesses!). Once you’ve walked through this new and ever-evolving customer journey, consider this...


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