Locale morale: made-to-measure communal improvements

This innovation is one of our 22 trends and business opportunities for 2022.

After surveying consumers across the UK, ASICS decided the town of Retford was due a pick-me-up. In collaboration with Mind it launched Uplifting Retford, an event to highlight the mental health benefits of exercise. Citizens exercised for 20 minutes, logging how they felt before and after on the brand’s Mind Uplifter tool – a web app that combines facial scanning and self-reporting to capture a user's emotional and cognitive wellbeing in 10 metrics.

Recent lockdowns strengthened calls to improve the environmental and social fabric of cities. Consumers are doing their bit. A third (32%) of global consumers claim their neighborhood banded together mid-pandemic. Can your brand make urban life better, in more ways than one?

Start with a community where your brand is already established. What are their needs? Do they align with your core values? Launch a survey before diving in…


This isn’t just a business innovation, it’s the future normal. Don’t believe us? We’ve unpacked this innovation — and plenty more — in our 22 for 2022 special. Click here to find out which innovations will redefine business as usual, and why!

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