Second souls: reuse and reimagine over repeat purchase

This innovation is one of our 22 trends and business opportunities for 2022.

French fashion brand Camaïeu’s jeans come with a ‘yoyo guarantee’. To account for waistline fluctuations, each pair can be exchanged for one in a larger or smaller size within a year of purchase. Returned jeans are either sold secondhand through Camaïeu’s Comeback program, or upcycled into new garments by women’s empowerment nonprofit Vestali

Post-purchase support has gone far beyond alleviating pain points. It’s now about encouraging consumers to build a long-term, sustainable relationship with the products they buy from you. Ask yourself, does your current business model put unnecessary stress on people and planet? If so, what can you do to provide conscious convenience? 

While consumers have grown accustomed to everything-on-demand, many are keen to absolve their social and eco guilt. And remember: the bigger the player, the bigger the responsibility!

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