Social express: Neighborhood networking for the digital age

This innovation is one of our 22 trends and business opportunities for 2022.

While TikTok allows people to feel close regardless of geographical location, the app's Chinese sibling Douyin flipped the script to help users connect with those nearby. By shaking their phone, users can find others in the same city and add them to their friends list. A feature Douyin copied from rival WeChat, we should add... ;-) 

Today’s consumers are hungry for new experiences and connections. And no, that doesn’t (necessarily) mean international adventures. The more locally-minded consumers of tomorrow will want to connect with those in their immediate surroundings, albeit from the safety of a digital interface. 

Disclaimer: this opportunity isn’t just for tech giants. Can you leverage your social media, app or email list to spark new, close-to-home connections between fun-seeking consumers? Keep it light. No awkward icebreaker questions, please.

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This isn’t just a business innovation, it’s the future normal. Don’t believe us? We’ve unpacked this opportunity — and plenty more — in our 22 for '22 special. Click here to find out which innovations will redefine business as usual, and why!

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