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Kahlúa challenges couples to stay offline for 30 nights in a row

While the month following December is Dry January for some, Kahlúa is proposing a break from technology instead. The coffee liqueur brand is challenging couples to stay off their online devices for 30 consecutive nights, from 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM.

If they make it through, the pair wins a cash prize of USD 25,000. To verify they didn't secretly binge on TikTok or succumb to the urge to check for that one super important email, Kahlúa will send over a polygraph examiner after the final night.

One couple was selected to compete, with the challenge running from January 16th through February 15th.

Trend Bite

As Kahlúa points out, US adults spend five to six hours a day on their phones, and that doesn't include work-related usage. The first step to breaking an addiction is admitting there's a problem, and increasing numbers of consumers are growing uneasy about the amount of time they spend on their screens. Kahlúa's 'Stir-It Up' contest is pushing one couple to reconnect by disconnecting — up to the next brand to motivate many more?