Global grounded locally: boost offline shopping and local connections

This innovation is one of our 22 trends and business opportunities for 2022.

Nothing says #SupportSmallBusiness like locally branded wallpaper. Yelp and the interiors brand Chasing Paper have produced a collection inspired by small businesses in Austin, San Francisco and New York – proceeds from which will go to entrepreneurship-focused nonprofits. The best part? The first 50 buyers had their wallpaper installed for free (by decorators found via Yelp, of course).

Small businesses don't have it easy in the age of one-click shopping and free shipping. But as conscious consumerism gains ground, neighborhood shops stand a fighting chance. In fact, a March 2021 survey showed 53% of people polled were more interested in shopping locally than before the pandemic.

Whether your own brand spans cities or nations, can you bring together small business owners and hands-on locals? What resources can you provide to help them thrive?

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