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Moxy NYC Chelsea, one of Marriott International’s millennial-focused Moxy hotels, announced last month that guests can access exclusive ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos in their rooms. The videos, which are part of the hotel’s Bedtime Stories program, were co-created with ASMR experience providers Whisperlodge. They feature performers quietly using and interacting with different props to provide guests with auditory stimuli, offering a ‘drug free mental massage’ after a long day. The performers include sisters Bella and Dani Thorne, as well as singer Caroline Vreeland. The limited edition videos are available to guests through mid-May.

ASMR lies within a broader trend of consumers hacking their way to physical and mental wellbeing. Viewers can experiment: do the sounds of drawing or eating mochi evoke tingles or a mood boost? The Moxy isn’t the first brand to play with ASMR, but the way they’re doing so is noteworthy. Let’s dive in!

Online to IRL. ASMR creators have had devoted followings online for several years now, though a quick Google Trends search shows its climbing popularity. The Moxy leveraged this online sensation to enhance the guest experience, and bring attention to, the in-room amenities. It’s all too easy to dismiss internet subcultures as removed from your brand’s real world offering. Let this example inspire you to re-evaluate which online behavior you can bring to life offline, for your customers. We will explore this further in our global event series, The Future of Experiences!

Value-add collabs. Celebrities have been nabbed for ASMR videos before (W Magazine, for example, recruited Paris Hilton and Cardi B). But offerings like The Moxy’s and Calm’s celebrity-narrated Sleep Stories go beyond a fun piece of content to offer a service that aligns with the objectives of those brands. Next time your team is thinking about a collaboration make sure you think beyond simply buying the attention of the influencer’s follower count. Can you create something lasting, that truly benefits your customer in some way?

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