BYD’s plant pivots to manufacture 5 million masks daily


Chinese battery and automaker BYD is now the world’s No.1 face mask producer after a rapid refocusing of its team.

The business created a special task force in late January to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak in China. Within two weeks, the team had managed to complete the R&D and manufacturing of masks and medical-grade hand sanitizers. According to BYD, this was achieved largely by adapting the company’s expertise and resources manufacturing batteries and new energy vehicles, and channeling those into producing these critical supplies. At full capacity the company is now able to produce 5 million masks and 300,000 bottles of disinfectants daily, making it the world’s largest manufacturer of face masks!


Every future-focused innovator knows that businesses need to be agile, to keep up with change and stay relevant. The global Covid-19 outbreak is testing every organization’s agility right now, but this initiative is an inspirational example to share with your team/ Similarly, LVMH announced yesterday that it will be using its fragrance factories to produce hand sanitizer to donate to the French healthcare system. But there’s a bigger lesson here too for after the crisis: in a fast-changing world, agile businesses that can leverage their expertise and resources will be well-placed to expand into new areas of opportunity..


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