Gamers invited to support battle against coronavirus


Tech company NVIDIA is encouraging gamers to donate spare computing power to support coronavirus research

Tech company NVIDIA is calling for gamers to download the folding@home app, which will allow them to lend spare computing power from their graphic processing units (GPUs) to support scientific research on coronavirus. Gaming-grade GPUs are usually powerful enough to carry out massive computing tasks required in research, such as complicated drug and virus simulations. This could help researchers better understand the virus and eventually develop effective therapies. Participating users have the option to turn the app off at any time, and reclaim the full use of their GPU for gaming.

A story that gets covered relentlessly in the media – think everything from coronavirus to climate change – can become white noise, turning consumers apathetic. This message from NVIDIA, however, cuts through to gamers by highlighting their group (and personal!) relevance to the wider cause. It also invites involvement by presenting a tangible avenue of participation. This spells opportunities for any cause your brand cares about. Can you rally consumers around your cause through compelling messages that highlight the relevance and impact of their individual contribution?

This innovation is an exhibit A for how a business can leverage idle capacity and resources for the greater good. NVIDIA’s initiative goes one step further by tapping into their community’s idle resource. The opportunity for you? In a time when cost-cutting is the name of the game, what idle resources – either within your organization or your community – can you tap into? Can you do some CAPACITY CAPTURE to improve efficiency and deliver creative solutions?

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