This month, Dyson released 44 Challenge Cards: a series of 22 engineering and 22 science experiments for kids to do at home, as schools globally have closed. Engineers and designers at the UK-based tech company came up with the activities, all of which can be done using ordinary household items. Aimed at kids seven and up, each activity includes instructions and a scientific explanation of how it works, while some also feature a video with Dyson engineers testing out the experiment. Activities include making a bridge out of spaghetti and holding balloon-powered car races.    

Variety is the spice of life, and Dyson is helping to ensure that ‘spice’ is maintained for kids, keeping them occupied with 44 (!!) individual experiments. 

But let’s zoom out to the bigger picture. Schools all over the world are being shut down completely. While homeschooling seems like the obvious answer, not all parents are equipped to do it, with many opting not to homeschool because it’s stressful. Even at the few schools offering remote learning, not every student has the reliable internet connection required to join live classes via Zoom and other platforms. Dyson’s free Challenge Cards help bridge these gaps; the company is making it easy for parents to provide their kids with fun educational opportunities. Although Dyson isn’t a kid-focused company, it used its resources (its in-house scientists and engineers) to consider what children need right now.   

Can you reach out to groups who are especially vulnerable or in need of guidance - even those consumers you don’t typically serve? In what creative, unexpected way might you be able to apply your internal expertise to do so?  


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