2 December 2020

Launched this week, WaterBear is a streaming video platform that wants viewers to do more than just watch stunning documentaries about the beauty of our planet and the perils it faces. The network’s aim is for people to take action: whether that's volunteering, donating money, signing a petition or sharing a cause on social media. 

Available to watch are well-known documentaries like the Netflix hit My Octopus Teacher, as well as original shorts by WaterBear and others. Videos feature 'WaterBear Connect' prompts that guide viewers to background information about a film's topic, or connect them to a partner working on a related issue. 

WaterBear has partnered with more than 80 charities and NGOs around the world, including Greenpeace, Wetlands International and the Jane Goodall Institute. With no fees for users and no ads, all that's required is signing up for a free membership. To fund the platform, WaterBear will later add sponsored content by sustainability-focused brands, as well as ecotourism referrals and sustainable e-commerce. 

At TrendWatching, we're optimistic about human nature. We believe that no one wants to leave a negative impact. And faced with the climate crisis, conscious consumers are increasingly looking for ways to change the tide. How can your brand help people make a positive impact?

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