Disruptively affordable

We have a pricing plan for any team, small or big

James Trusler-Circle

Typically, trend and insight resources will set you back serious amounts of money. Not Amplify. 

As part of our impact journey we can offer any team a beyond affordable plan - whether you're boutique or with Google, IKEA or TBWA.

Keen to get an enticing quote? Just fill out the form and James Trusler, Business Development Director, will get back to you asap. Promise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you claim your plans are beyond affordable?

We are a purposed, for-profit trend firm. We want as many professionals worldwide to access and meaningfully apply our trend intelligence and tools. We also run a very platformed, tight ship.

While we arguably could charge more by adopting an expensive seat-by-seat pricing model, we've opted for an impact-focused model with more users and usage. Enabling us to pay the rent, continuously invest in an ever-better, scalable service and achieve impact. 

What if we find the platform isn't what we were looking for, after all?

No worries!

We offer a 
100% no-risk guarantee: if, after purchasing, you feel Amplify is not what your business needs after all, then just let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full immediately. 

Will there be any additional or hidden costs?

No. Once you've purchased, all features, all tools and all materials on the platform will be accessible to you and your entire team. There are no hidden or additional costs whatsoever.

Will the content be relevant to my country or region?

With our analysts, spotters and clients hailing from truly all over the world, rest assured that the platform's intelligence is deeply global in nature, and thus applicable to any market, worldwide.

Case in point - you'll find a solid mix of Latin American, African, European, North American and Asian-Pacific innovations in our database, while we regularly publish Latin American and Asian-Pacific trend reports to highlight those global trends that still benefit from a distinctive regional take.

Will the content be relevant to my industry?

Our trends and innovations are all tagged by industry - we cover 15 industries, from Transport to Food & Beverage, which together cover every major sector. The platform also brings you Industry Trend Portals and industry trend reports which guarantee even more industry-specific insights and opportunities.

Is the free trial really free?

Yes. Our 2 week trial is free - no strings attached. No credit card needed, either.
Upon requesting a trial, we will send you your log-in details, and you'll get to experience the platform without any obligations.  

Can I pay monthly?

No. As we're running a tight ship, including a simplified admin process, our subscription and thus billing is on an annual basis.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

You can opt for payment by credit card or by requesting an invoice. 
In case you request an invoice,
do realize that we can only grant access to the platform upon receiving your payment. 

Will I get onboarding and account support?

Yes, as a new Amplify client, you will be offered online  onboarding videos, and we'll also intro you to your dedicated account manager, who will remain at hand for the entire duration of your subscription.

Do you offer discounts to NGOs, universities or governments?

Yes. As a purposed firm, we are happy to give purposed organizations a considerable (well, massive) discount on what is already a very affordable price. Just request a quote and explain your specific non-profit situation or status. 

One more reminder of everything you and your team will get access to.
No feature restrictions, expensive additional seats or permission hassles!
  • Trend Framework
    (200+ trends)
  • Innovation Database
    (28,000+ innovations)
  • 300+ Trend Reports
  • 15 Industry Trend Portals
  • Regional Trend Portals
  • Annual Trend Reports
  • Stats Center
  • Purpose-Driven Innovation Training
  • Trend Ideation tools
  • Trend Research tools
  • Trend Fundamentals tools
  • Analyst Support
  • Unlimited access and membership for anyone within your team, small or big
  • Platform onboarding
  • Custom alerts and notifications
  • Shared project folders
  • Tools to distribute curated intelligence company-wide