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A fitness app featuring Thor and Loki? Marvel Move uses storylines to get fans running

Set to launch mid-2023, Marvel Move is a narrative-driven mobile fitness adventure that brings Marvel adventures from the screen to the streets. Through audio prompts and encouragement from fan favorites like Thor, Loki, Hulk and the X-Men, users will be immersed in engaging exercise experiences.

Runners become the main characters in storylines, while Marvel heroes help them achieve their fitness goals. Users can customize their runs by time or distance and track their activity outdoors, on a treadmill or in a wheelchair. The app also offers training programs for various race lengths, including 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon.

Marvel Move was developed in partnership with Marvel Entertainment by Six to Start, which also co-created the fitness app Zombies, Run! The app will be available on the ZRX platform with membership priced at USD 74.99 per year.

Trend Bite

On the blurred boundaries between imagined worlds and IRL, consumers are embracing opportunities to escape, explore, create, connect and have fun. Which creates powerful opportunities for brands with a knack for storytelling.

By merging entertainment and exercise, Marvel and Six to Start could motivate a whole new cohort of consumers to get moving. The franchise's fan base is vast, and turning fitness into an epic experience in the Marvel universe might just be the nudge that people need to start working on their physical and mental wellness. How could your brand facilitate self-improvement through fandom, making it easier for your audience to achieve their goals?