Wine by the glass, in single-serve pouches

Reminiscent of Capri Sun without a straw, A Glass Of sells Australian wine in 200 ml pouches. The start-up, which launched late last year, wants to let people sample interesting wines by independent winemakers without breaking the bank, and have one glass without opening a whole bottle. All wines are priced at AUD 45 for a set of five pouches, curated by restaurant sommeliers.

A Glass Of isn't the first to sell wine in single-serve pouches; Italy's OneGlass has been around for years. But the Australian brand might have better timing, as both millennials and Gen Z are reported to consume less alcohol than previous generations. For consumers who drink mindfully but still enjoy a glass of high-quality wine with dinner, A Glass Of's elegant pouches are an appealing option.

And then there's the sustainability aspect: as word of the environmental impact of glass is spreading — glass bottles and their transportation are the two biggest contributors to wine's carbon footprint — bagged wine is taking on a new sheen of environmental respectability. According to A Glass Of, manufacturing their recyclable foil pouches requires 73% less energy than glass, and produces 82% less CO2 emissions.

With its combination of greener packaging, mindful drinking, supporting independent winemakers and not wasting wine, the single-serve pouch should do well in other markets, too. Just be sure to focus on regional vineyards to keep that carbon footprint small.

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