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Addressing disparities in maternal health, Baby Dove launches Black Doula Directory

In a bid to tackle the significant disparities in maternal care for Black mothers, Baby Dove has teamed up with Sista Midwife Productions to establish the Black Doula Directory. The new resource provides expectant mothers and birthing individuals with access to a growing network of over 1,000 Black doulas across the United States, as well as international doulas from countries such as Canada, Australia, England and Germany. The directory's organizers aim to double the number of qualified doulas listed by April 2024.

The benefits of doula support for Black people during childbirth are backed by research showing a substantial improvement in overall health outcomes: doula-assisted mothers are two times less likely to experience complications involving themselves or their baby, and four times less likely to have a baby with a low birth weight.

Baby Dove's collaboration with Sista Midwife Productions addresses the urgent need to tackle the Black maternal care gap, which has resulted in Black women being three to five times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women.

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The Black Doula Directory builds on Dove's earlier work on the Black maternal health gap. In 2021, the brand partnered with Black Mamas Matter Alliance to introduce the Black Birth Equity Fund, which expanded access to doulas for Black expectant mothers through one-time grants of up to USD 1,300. Baby Dove initially pledged USD 250,000 and has since invested USD 650,000 in the fund.

While the fund can 'only' help around 500 expectant birth-givers, the new directory has the potential to connect many more parents with doulas who look like them and have similar lived experiences. Both are pragmatic steps by Baby Dove toward improving Black maternal health outcomes. Want to thrive in an increasingly competitive market driven by socially conscious consumers? Build practical tools and commit to keeping them running for an impact that endures well beyond the confines of a short-lived campaign.