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Adidas introduces period-proof leggings and biker shorts

To keep people moving all month long, Adidas now sells 'Techfit Period Proof' tights and short tights, which feature a built-in three-layer pad that absorbs period leaks. The German sportswear brand advises wearing them with a tampon, pad or cup, since they're not a substitute product. 

Adidas isn't the first to develop period-proof activewear — Thinx and Modibodi led the way — but when the world's second-largest sportswear brand joins in, reach and impact grow with leaps and bounds. The message is clear: by providing people with a practical solution to period leaks, they can get out and stay active while menstruating. Or as Adidas puts it, Stay in Play.

Trend Bite

The conversation around menstruation has been shifting away from shame and euphemisms. It's an evolution driven both by the public intimacy of social media, and by direct-to-consumer brands that aren't afraid to speak directly to people's experiences with candor, empathy and a sense of humor. And it's not just talk: start-ups have introduced new products like absorbent underwear, cups, disks and reusable tampon applicators. How can your brand join the movement to normalize periods and make life more comfortable for those who bleed?