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Doconomy billboards bring real-time climate data to Stockholm's streets

Sustainability-focused fintech Doconomy has just introduced 2030 Forecast, a campaign that displays Sweden's climate data for a given week on the same out-of-home displays used to advertise toothpaste and travel deals.

The most prominent figure is a percentage (6.8% at time of writing) expressing how much a week's total greenhouse gas emissions are over or below weekly targets required to meet Paris Agreement goals by 2030. An arrow pointing up or down indicates whether the actual total is over or below the target.


A second set of numbers breaks down total emissions into four major categories: industry, energy, transport and domestic aviation. All weekly targets take seasonality into account. Data is based on satellite images and other sources provided by Doconomy's partner Kayrros, enabling near real-time numbers within days instead of months or years and potentially with a higher level of accuracy.

Trend Bite

From eco-anxiety to flygskam, new words are being ushered in to describe life on a hot planet. But an expanded vocabulary isn't enough — we need data literacy, too. As Doconomy puts it: "It is our collective responsibility to access and understand environmental impact data, to motivate the required behavior changes both as individuals and companies that will ensure the sustainable future of our planet."

Like words, numbers can build a narrative. By repeatedly broadcasting its 2030 Forecast in public spaces — on the same billboards used to advertise goods and services contributing to the climate crisis — Doconomy is creating an ongoing report delivered in hard data. A report that people can learn to read, recognizing patterns and shifts, good news and bad.