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AI-powered summaries in Google Maps help EV drivers locate hard-to-find charging stations

Alongside purchase price, range anxiety remains a key barrier to more widespread EV adoption. Google Maps aims to reassure drivers with new tools that make it easier to find reliable charging stations. Maps will use AI to generate detailed directions to a charging point's exact location. For example, instead of just providing an address, the app will advise EV owners to "Enter the underground parking lot and follow signs toward the exit, then turn right just before exiting."

That type of granular navigation — AI-summarized from millions of user reviews — is especially helpful to drivers seeking chargers in large parking lots or multi-level complexes. To source even more relevant data, Google has updated the prompts users see when posting a review for a charging station, making it simpler to provide additional details like the type of plug they used and how long they had to wait for a charger to become available. Google will roll out the new features over the coming months.


In Better Energy's charging park, drivers unwind among wild flowers while their EV refuels