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Alaska Airlines updates uniform and grooming policies for more freedom in gender expression

In response to staff objections to gendered and binary uniforms, Alaska Airlines is updating its uniform and grooming policies.

The airline is designing a new collection of gender-neutral uniforms. In the meantime, flight crew and airport staff can wear the uniform of their choice and grooming rules have been relaxed. Any gender can now wear nail polish, make-up, earrings and nose rings.  

Alaska Airlines has also created personal pronoun pins — she/her, he/him and they/them — that employees can wear with their uniform. For non-binary customers, meanwhile, the company is working to enable the option of choosing their personal pronouns while booking travel by the end of 2022.

Trend Bite

While some segments of society still object, there's no doubt that we're (slowly) moving towards an ungendered world that will recognize everyone's right to inhabit their gender identity.

For brands, this means reimagining products, services and company culture for a non-binary world. In the case of Alaska Airlines' new uniform policies, those internal and external spheres merge, creating a more inclusive environment for both flight staff and the customers they serve.