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All-in-one household cleaner's function depends on how much it's diluted

As accustomed as people are to buying separate products for cleaning floors, clothes, dishes and bathrooms, those bottles of specialized concoctions might not be necessary. New Zealand-based Everdaily has found a solution in dilution.

The startup sells one concentrate that can be diluted with ordinary tapwater to create cleaning products for different purposes. Used straight, for example, it can clean laundry or dishes. Diluted 1:5, it's a bathroom cleaner that tackles tubs and soap scum, and 1:15 it becomes an all-purpose spray.

Everdaily is plant and mineral-based, biodegradable and free of preservatives and artificial colors. It's available fragrance-free or with a mandarin-basil scent, selling at NZD 40 (EUR 24/USD 28) for a one-liter bottle.

Trend Bite

Besides the environmental benefits of dilutable products that we've covered before — no unnecessary shipping of water, less plastic waste — Everdaily's one-for-all approach will appeal to consumers seeking simplicity in both their lives and their kitchen cabinets. As seductive as the abundance of consumerist culture can be, there's an ongoing trend of people looking for less choice and less clutter. While they may purchase fewer products, there are opportunities to be had in thoughtfully catering to the reflective desires of minimalists.