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Moyee's new coffee blend condemns Putin's aggression and supports Ukrainian refugees

A day after Russian troops attacked tiny Snake Island, coffee brand Moyee turned a Ukrainian border guard's now-famous response into a coffee blend: Russian Warship: Go F*** Yourself.

The bags of fair-chain coffee (250 g) are selling for EUR 15. Minus shipping costs, the full amount will be donated to Stichting Vluchteling, the Netherlands Refugee Foundation. Moyee Ireland will be sending proceeds from its sales to the International Red Cross.

Trend Bite

While governments were debating which sanctions to enact, Moyee brought a new coffee blend to market that both condemns Putin's aggression and provides financial support to Ukrainian people. The emergency fundraiser launched just one day after Ukrainian border guards stood up to that Russian warship.

Increasingly, people care little about what brands say and deeply about what they do to make the world a better place. Especially if a company is quick to act and empowers consumers to join in. Moyee isn't just responding instantly to a crisis, it's providing customers with a frictionless and compelling way to take action.

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Spotted by: Terence Moore