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Alóki's virtual world connects users to its real, 750-acre sanctuary in Costa Rica

A new project known as Alóki will allow users to virtually experience the rainforests of Costa Rica by linking a web3 community to an actual piece of land. The project aims to reconnect people to nature by melding virtual and physical worlds; plant a tree in the metaverse, and another will be planted on Alóki's land.

And that connection extends to ownership — instead of the more common play-to-earn model, Alóki employs a play-to-own model that allows users to own a piece of the Alóki Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a 300-hectare/750-acre plot of jungle that is home to toucans, scarlet macaws, monkeys, sloths, jaguars and pumas. It's managed by ten sustainable farmers who have already planted 11,000 fruit trees.

The project also wants to create a village of casitas — small jungle houses — on its plot, where users can cash in their game rewards for real-world retreats and meet other members of the community in person.

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Costa Rica is home to 500,000 different plant and animal species. More than 98% of its electric energy is sourced renewably, and it has long been ahead of the pack when it comes to environmentally responsible tourism. But not everyone has the resources to visit or wants to balloon their carbon footprint with a flight to San Juan. But they can immerse themselves in a virtual version.

Initiatives like Alóki use web3 technology to engage individuals from across the globe with a specific place and — if acting from a place of purpose — can benefit local nature, inhabitants, culture or history. As our recent trend briefing the shift to niche highlights, people are increasingly moving away from mainstream and individualism. They're seeking trust and connection within micro-communities and collectives. Check out NICHE NETS for more examples and opportunities!

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