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Centering cycling, an Arkansas office building's six stories are linked by bikeable ramps

With over 250 miles of trails, Bentonville, Arkansas, calls itself the mountain biking capital of the world. It's now also home to what might be the world's first bikeable building — a six-story office and retail space called Ledger, which opened this spring.

Each of Ledger's stories is linked with exterior ramps that offer a unique cycling experience from the ground floor to the top. The distance from street level to the roof is three-quarters of a mile, with a gradient of 5%. Ledger workplace members — the building offers short-term office leases and co-working spaces — can bike straight to their floor. Ledger caters to cyclists with its unique design as well as with facilities like secure bike storage, e-bike charging points and showers on every floor for freshening up on arrival.

The ramps are open to all from 7 am to 5 pm on weekdays and not just for cyclists — pedestrians are welcome to stroll up to the roof on their lunch break or while taking a call. Ledger was designed by Michel Rojkind, Callaghan Horiuchi and Marlon Blackwell Architects.

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Transitioning to a low-carbon commute offers citizens a tangible way to reduce their carbon footprint while also lowering traffic congestion and boosting their physical fitness. No wonder cycling is gaining traction. Bike buses for schoolkids were a pandemic bright spot, and bicycles recently overtook cars in London's rush hour.

Ensuring safe and convenient bicycle commutes is primarily a task for large-scale urban planning. But novel projects like Ledger and its bikeable switchbacks infuse a sense of joy and playfulness into the equation. Whether it's by embracing bike-forward architecture or offering enticing perks for those who pedal instead of driving, how can your brand help foster a cycling culture?

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