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Avon combines Brazilian women's voices for Ângela, a chatbot that combats violence

Operated by the Avon Institute in Brazil, Ângela is a chatbot that offers women free and discrete assistance via WhatsApp. Ângela was conceived during the pandemic in response to escalating violence against women and girls during lockdowns. This year, Ângela was expanded to defend equality by amplifying women's voices. Symbolizing the power of speaking out collectively, Avon invited women to contribute their voices to the chatbot via Voz de Todos from 28 October to 2 November 2022.

To add her voice, a woman picked a story — an account of 'a pioneering woman who used her voice to occupy an important space' — and recorded it while reading aloud. Each recording was combined with those of other women to create a unique vocal expression for Ângela. Over 400 Avon representatives, customers, partners and social media followers participated. Voz de Todos coincided with Brazil's annual 21 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women and was developed by Wunderman Thompson Brasil.

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Brazil consistently ranks as one of the world's most dangerous countries for gender-based violence. A December 2021 study by the Brazilian Senate found that 68% of Brazilian women knew at least one woman who was the victim of domestic violence.

Consumers are looking to brands to take action and use their resources to address society-wide issues like gender-based violence. Avon's initiative combines practical aid — over 30,000 women have asked its WhatsApp chatbot for help — with the symbolic strength of literally uniting women's voices.

As Daniela Grelin, the Avon Institute's executive director, stated: "By inviting women to contribute, we reinforce the power and relevance of female union. Ângela's voice represents us, just as it represents all women who want to continue occupying spaces, overcoming barriers and contributing to the future of new generations, especially against situations of violence of any kind."

"Nothing is difficult to say when we join our voices"

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