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Singapore's new plant milk is made of soil-building Bambara groundnuts

As oat milk's popularity continues to skyrocket, a new contender in the realm of plant-based milks just launched in Singapore. Instead of oat, almonds or cashews, WhatIF Foods has turned to an underutilized alternative: the Bambara groundnut.

Originally from West Africa, Bambara groundnut is a legume. It's resistant to high temperatures and drought, and can be grown in poor soils. Like other legumes, it can fix nitrogen, improving soil as it grows. Which sounds like a winning combination, considering temperatures are rising and cropland is degrading.

On the nutritional front, Bambara groundnuts are naturally rich in protein and calcium. BamNut M?LK contains 2.8 grams of protein per 100 ml vs 1 gram in Oatly (to pick a random brand). Priced at SGD 5.90 per liter for one-off purchases and SGD 5.02 for subscriptions, BamNut M?LK is now on sale direct-to-consumer in Singapore.

Trend Bite

While sustainability has often been about limiting harm to our planet, consumers are eager to put their purchasing power into efforts that can actually repair and restore. In the regenerative economy, a carton of Bambara groundnut milk becomes proof of healing the soil. TERRAPY lets consumers rehabilitate the planet, one purchase at a time, and purpose-driven brands can lead the way.

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