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New app Bandi pairs wardrobe twins for swapping instead of shopping

Launching today, Bandi is an app that connects users to their 'fashion twins' — the people they most resemble in taste and body shape — and makes it easy for them to swap clothes.

After they create a profile and list items they no longer wear, Bandi matches people with others of a similar size, body shape and style. Users propose a swap and ship items in a reusable Bandi bag. No subscription needed, and swaps are free beyond paying for postage and the one-off purchase of a shipping bag.

Bandi was developed by two sisters who always shared items from their own closets, and wanted to create a similar experience for strangers. Their aim is for the app to become a community of people with shared values, who don't just love fashion, but are aware of its impact on the environment.

Trend Bite

It's no wonder social commerce took flight — people love treasure hunting while scrolling through their social feeds. But while those serendipitous discoveries (and branded content recommendations) might look fabulous on Instagram, they often disappoint once a spontaneous purchase has been delivered.

By connecting shoppers — and swappers — who resemble each other both in taste and body shape, platforms like Bandi provide an alternative. Finding a wardrobe twin leads to curation that's truly personal, and potentially capable of lowering fashion's harsh impacts on climate, environment and garment workers.

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Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom