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Barilla's Open Carbonara brings inclusivity to the table by reinventing a classic

Carbonara may be one of the most familiar pasta recipes around, but since it's made with pork, eggs and dairy, it's off-limits to many eaters. Major pasta producer Barilla aims to remedy that issue with its latest project, Open Carbonara. Barilla took the classic Italian dish and made it more inclusive by adapting the recipe to accommodate various dietary restrictions.

A team of chefs led by Marco Martini chose ingredients such as potatoes, soy flakes, saffron and celery root to preserve traditional carbonara's texture and flavor. Open Carbonara is the first offering in Barilla's upcoming Open Recipes platform, which will redesign beloved pasta dishes to make them accessible to a much wider audience. The company's Food Academy is working with culinary experts from various cultural backgrounds to ensure a truly inclusive dining experience.

Trend Bite

A recent survey by Barilla revealed that 58% of respondents have dietary restrictions complicating shared dining experiences, and 43% of Americans prefer not to invite friends or family for a meal due to the challenge of catering to diverse food requirements.

The brand's new Open Recipes platform highlights the importance of food as a connector of people from all walks of life. By aligning with values such as togetherness, empathy and diversity, Barilla can foster stronger emotional connections with consumers, who increasingly seek products and services that resonate with their own beliefs and priorities.