Danish app allows consumers to buy directly from sustainable fishermen

A Copenhagen-based app that connects chefs with low-impact fishermen is now open to consumers. Founded in 2018, Blue Lobster's mission was threefold: give chefs easy access to the freshest fish, right off the boat, ensure that fishermen are paid fairly, and save Denmark's small-scale fishing industry. (A small country, Denmark has over 7,000 km of coast, but 90% of fish consumed in the country is imported.) And now non-chef customers can join in, too.

Buyers purchase through the app, are notified when their fish has been caught and then pick it up from restaurants that function as pick-up points. Blue Lobster only works with low-impact fishermen, who receive two to four times as much for their catch through the app as they would from wholesalers.

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Buying directly from fishermen isn't new. CSF — the seafood equivalent of CSA, or community supported agriculture — has been been around for a while. But consumers are increasingly clued in to the harmful impacts of eating fish. On one hand, that's driving demand for plant-based alternatives. But combined with an easy to use app, that awareness could also drive the growth of D2C seafood.

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