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Delizia's new ice cream flavors celebrate Bolivia's diverse population

Bolivian dairy brand Delizia is releasing limited edition ice cream flavors celebrating the country's diverse population and regional identities. So far, their 'Tradición' line includes rice pudding from eastern Bolivia, huminta from the Cochabamba valley, and api from the country's highlands. Two more flavors will be unveiled in September.

(For our non-Bolivian readers: huminta is a savory corn and cream cheese snack wrapped in corn husk, and api morado is a drink made of mashed purple corn with sugar, cinnamon and cloves.)

Trend Bite

In our hyper-globalized world, people still connect deeply to whatever feels like home. Delizia is tapping into that pride and love for a specific, local place, and for the country as a whole.

Don’t deny place, embrace it — brands that embed a sense of regional rootedness into their products and services will prosper. Find that local love and amplify it!