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Boticário's new label helps customers select soaps and shampoos that are 'water friends'

Brazilian beauty conglomerate Grupo Boticário is adding a new label to its hair and skincare products. The Formula Amiga das Águas seal will assist customers in choosing products based on their reduced environmental impact, specifically on water quality and aquatic ecosystems. The label will be included on rinse-off products such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps and sunscreen, which have been formulated to be safer for the water they ultimately enter.

In 2015, Boticário introduced an environmental risk assessment index to evaluate factors like bioaccumulation, biodegradation and aquatic toxicity. That tool helped identify ingredients that needed to be replaced or reduced in concentration, thereby minimizing harm to marine systems. The group aims to ensure that 100% of its rinse-off product launches by 2030 feature formulations with a reduced impact on water.

Trend Bite

While the market seems saturated with eco-labels, Boticário's introduction of a 'water friend' label is noteworthy. It correlates directly with the rinse-off products sold by the group's brands and emphasizes the impact of consumerism on water resources. This awareness is crucial, as the demand for fresh water is predicted to surpass supply by 40% by 2030, fueled by climate change, wasteful practices and pollution.

By highlighting the connection between everyday products and water conservation, Boticário can stimulate demand for sustainable alternatives. Looking for more inspiration on the power of relevant information to drive change? Check out our free LABEL-LED trend briefing.