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Amidst frequent power outages, Brahma offers to swap warm beer for ice-cold Brahmitas

In Paraguay's capital city, beer brand Brahma recently ran a campaign to tackle two major issues: stifling heat and constant power outages. The beer brand devised an innovative solution with its Brahma Beer Swap campaign. Anyone in Asunción with warm beer of any brand could contact Brahma via WhatsApp to exchange their unrefreshing beverage for a six-pack of ice-cold Grapefruit Brahmitas. The only requirement was that their neighborhood was experiencing a blackout.

Brahma's beer-swapping campaign followed a related initiative during the summer months of January and February. The brand then offered to cover high energy bills for winners of a lottery that could be entered by scanning a QR-code on cans of beer. 

Trend Bite

By offering to exchange hot beers for cold ones, Brahma Paraguay found a way to help people cope with the heat and power outages while promoting their new Grapefruit Brahmita product, which wasn't flying off shelves regardless of its temperature.

Granted, driving around a city swapping warm beer for cold brews isn't sustainable. But Brahma's energy-related efforts show empathy for consumers faced with electricity that's both unreliable and unaffordable. To take their next campaign to a more environmentally-conscious level, Brahma could of course take inspiration from Budweiser's no-electricity underground coolers or Heineken's solar power billboards ;-)