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Using AI, Breast Cancer Now creates future snapshots of people with metastatic cancer

Breast Cancer Now, the United Kingdom's largest breast cancer charity,  commissioned renowned photographer Jillian Edelstein to visualize the futures of people living with incurable metastatic breast cancer. The result is Gallery of Hope, a compelling exhibition held at London's Saatchi Gallery from 13-14 March 2024 and viewable online, too.

The show features a series of photographs created in collaboration with people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, also known as secondary breast cancer. Edelstein applied generative AI to capture snapshots from the future — moments the portrayed individuals hope to experience, from witnessing a son's wedding to holding a grandchild for the first time.

Trend Bite

For the 61,000 people in the UK living with incurable metastatic breast cancer, time is both precious and uncertain. By combining photography with generative AI, Gallery of Hope brings to life the aspirations and dreams of those individuals. It serves as a powerful call to action, highlighting the urgent need for continued research and advancements in treatments that could offer people time to create more memories and witness life's milestones.

Beyond raising funds and awareness, the creative powers of generative AI could become a potent tool for supporting people with chronic or terminal illnesses. Personalized virtual reality experiences could allow patients to visualize future goals or dreams, providing comfort and psychological relief. Taking a broader view, how might your brand apply generative AI to empower people to (re)imagine their future? Or their past and present?

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