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Flower bouquets for men to give to their bros

Do men send each other flowers? Not often. In Australia, a new floral product aims to break that taboo: the Broquet. This isn't just about florists tapping into a new market: the Broquet was created in partnership with Gotcha4Life, a non-profit dedicated to preventing mental health issues and suicide by encouraging men to invest in close friendships.

Developed by Australian creative agency Thinkerbell with Gotcha4Life and florists Fig & Bloom, the campaign hopes flowers will prompt 'everyday blokes' to initiate conversations. The jokey name keeps things light while creating an opportunity to touch base with a friend who's feeling blue, has gone quiet or is having a rough time.

Fig & Bloom started selling Broquets two weeks ago, priced at AUD 85 for a regular bouquet, and AUD 125 for a large one. They come in three different styles, each with dried flowers and foliage that can last up to six years. Half of the proceeds of each sale are donated to Gotcha4Life and will fund workshops and training sessions.

While at first glance flower arrangements for 'bros' might come off as frivolous, the underlying concept of helping men express support and friendship to each other is a powerful one. And there's an urgent need: suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between 15 and 44 years of age, and men make up 75% of those deaths. A similar gender disparity can be found in most other countries, and social isolation during the pandemic is a risk factor. How can you foster social connections and help those at risk build emotional resilience?

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