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Luxury brand Burberry donates leftover fabric to fashion students

Last week, Burberry announced that it's launching a scheme to donate unused fabric to fashion students across the UK. The logistics for this pilot program — ReBurberry Fabric — will be overseen by the British Fashion Council, and the aim is to roll out the initiative to other brands in the future, with fashion companies and academic institutions working together to provide support to future generations of designers.

The facts about fashion are sobering: the industry accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions and nearly 20% of wastewater. And Burberry was widely shamed in 2018 when an earnings report revealed that the company was burning millions of dollars worth of unsold goods. No wonder it — along with almost every other fashion brand — is working to lessen its environmental impact. 

Where this initiative shines, is that it creates circularity in removing unused fabric from waste streams, while also providing a valuable resource to cash-strapped students. Does your brand regularly review its potentially wasteful practices? Do you have a process in place for reusing company laptops and phones? Who could benefit from waste or leftover materials you produce?