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Burger King opens its first meatless restaurant

Burger King has been experimenting with vegetarian options since 2002, when it was the first US chain to introduce a veggie burger nationwide. A newer version — the plant-based Whopper, supplied by The Vegetarian Butcher — is available in over 35 countries across four continents. 

Now, on June 7th, Burger King is making one of its restaurants in Cologne, Germany entirely meatless. Working with The Vegetarian Butcher, this outlet will serve items like the plant-based Whopper and a Halloumi King, as well as introducing the somewhat oddly named plant-based Long Chicken Burger.

However, there's a catch — the meatless Burger King will switch back to its regular, meat-inclusive menu after four days. Given growing consumer demand for plant-based foods, it shouldn't be long before another big fast food brand takes the much bolder step of creating a permanently vegetarian or vegan restaurant. Who's up to the challenge?

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