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Bypassing resumes, TaTiO uses AI to source talent from historically underrepresented groups

Most resumes are never read by humans. Instead, they're scanned by applicant tracking systems that filter out anyone who doesn't match a narrow profile. While some HR solutions use skill assessments to filter out fewer people, resumes are still the beginning point.

TaTiO aims to rewire the recruiting funnel by looking for skills instead of resumes. The Israeli startup creates competency assessments through simulations that focus on key tasks for a specific job. AI is used to analyze a candidate's behavior and tone of voice, and their data is made anonymous to lower the risk of unconscious biases influencing recruiters.

Since candidates need to be found before their skills can be assessed, TaTiO works with local organizations that have access to diverse and historically underrepresented job seekers. This creates a presourced pool of candidates that employers can search when they have an opening to fill, ranking potential candidates by their test-proven suitability.

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Tight labor markets present an opportunity to create more inclusive workforces. By using tools like TaTiO, organizations get access to a larger talent pool and can build less homogenous teams. And that doesn't just benefit underrepresented groups, but the bottom line, too — companies with the strongest degree of gender and ethnic diversity outperform those that are least diverse.

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