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Canada's monotonous highways turned into sleepy soundtracks to spotlight drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is a significant concern in Canada, contributing to 21% of all road accidents and claiming thousands of lives each year. Despite the alarming statistics, many drivers remain unconvinced of the road's ability to lull them to sleep.

In a novel approach to addressing drowsy driving, a campaign by the Canada Safety Council has turned three of Canada's most monotonous highways into sleep aids. Sleep Tracks is aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of driving while tired by demonstrating just how sleep-inducing Canadian roads can be.

The non-profit recorded the sound of long drives on 809 km of Alberta roads (featuring Highway 63), 731 km of BC roads (featuring the Coquihalla) and 660 km of Ontario roads (featuring the 401). The recordings have been released on Spotify and provide over 27 hours of pink and brown noise to doze off to.

Trend Bite

By transforming stretches of Canadian highways into free sleep aids that can be experienced from the safety of one's bed, Sleep Tracks emphasizes the soporific effects of long, monotonous drives. And, by extension, the importance of staying alert while driving.

The campaign also taps into the massive popularity of sleep and relaxation tracks and podcasts, creating an opportunity to resonate with a new and wider audience. No one likes getting lectured at. Being lulled to sleep, on the other hand...

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Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom