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Canairi reminds people to crack a window when indoor air quality drops

Carbon dioxide isn't just warming the planet. When it comes to our immediate environment — homes, offices, schools — CO2 is a strong indicator of indoor air quality and of ventilation. It's also an odorless gas that humans can't detect.

But Canairi can. A wall-mounted device in the shape of a small yellow bird — inspired by the canaries that coal miners used to detect carbon monoxide — Canairi perches upright when air quality is good. When its sensors detect increased levels of CO2, it drops down dead, creating a visual nudge to ventilate by opening a window or turning on a fan.

Created by a Danish startup, Canairi will be launching on Kickstarter soon.


Trend Bite

Air pollution has expanded from an environmental issue to a matter of wellbeing, and COVID19's airborne spread spurred our collective interest in decent ventilation. So it's no wonder indoor air quality monitors are increasingly popular. But while most work with apps and screens, Canairi is an intentionally dumbed-down device, offering a simple visual cue that it's time to open a window or two. In a world dominated by screens, there's power in going intuitively analog.

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Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom