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Cancer institute tweaks graffiti to encourage testicular self-exams

Drawings of male genitalia are popular with casual street sketchers around the world. And that includes Chile, where the Instituto Nacional del Cáncer decided to put those penises to good use. 

Stickers are being added to graffiti to create a composite image of balls being gently prodded by a hand, with basic instructions on how to perform a testicular self-exam. Dubbed Graffitesti, the campaign was designed by McCann Santiago and aims to raise awareness and prevent testicular cancer.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Peru, a similar initiative was dreamt up by the Liga Contra el Cancer and the Museo Larco — a museum that's home to a major collection of pre-Columbian erotic art. On February 25, under the guidance of a medical professional, museum visitors were invited to touch the genitals of clay replicas and learn how to do a self-test.

Trend Bite

If testicular cancer is detected and treated early, the cure rate is extremely high. But cancer is inherently scary, so it's no wonder most people avoid the subject altogether.

By inserting a bit of levity into a grim topic, Instituto Nacional del Cáncer and Liga Contra el Cancer can reach new audiences and make it easier for people with testicles to discuss potential issues with a loved one or doctor.  

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Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom