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Carrefour France brings faux chicken and beefless burgers to the traditional butcher counter

Attempting to lure in consumers who usually skip a supermarket's vegetarian section, Carrefour has installed a display of Le Boucher Végétarien's products smack in the middle of their butcher counter. Alongside cuts of traditional meats, shoppers will find the Unilever-owned brand's burgers, faux chicken and ground not-beef.

The first Carrefour to feature a section for The Vegetarian Butcher within a meat counter is the Carré Sénart store, just south of Paris. No word yet on whether the retailer will expand the concept to other locations.

Trend Bite

While vegans and longtime vegetarians might recoil at the thought of their veggie burgers wedged in with animal meat, the initiative could sway people — 63% of French respondents in a 2020 survey — who find a meat-less meal less enjoyable than one with meat (even as meat consumption in France is on the decline).

As Carrefour puts it, "Plus besoin de chercher midi à 14h" — why complicate matters when there's a simple solution? Meet consumers where they're at, and take it from there.