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Centering menopause, Tesco dedicates floorspace to products with new MTick label

A new product label is being rolled out in the UK. The MTick identifies menopause-friendly products and aims to offer shoppers clarity and guidance. Promoting the symbol, retailer Tesco is showcasing products from renowned brands in a specially curated section at the end of aisles across nearly 200 stores throughout Great Britain.

Dedicating aisle space to menopause provides those suffering from symptoms with a better shopping experience and — through educational resources — the opportunity to make informed choices about their health and well-being. Featured products include Vitabiotics vitamins, skincare by Nivea, Olay and Simple, plus personal care items from Tena and Always.

Trend Bite

Worldwide, an estimated one billion people have experienced menopause. That's too big of a market to overlook, underserve or poorly target. According to an October 2023 report by UK advertising trade body IPA, "around two-fifths of women feel that the advertising targeted at their stage of life is unreflective of their life or that of their friends (46%); uninspiring (45%), outdated (43%) and not relatable (41%)." Regarding product categories they want brands and retailers to expand and improve, nutrition and supplements ranked highest, followed by feminine care.

By making its menopause selection easier to find and labeling products more clearly, Tesco is reaching out to that vast and growing audience. Oddly, it's only offering the dedicated physical space temporarily — for six weeks. So, which retailer will lead the way and provide a permanent signpost to menopause solutions?

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