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Challenging stereotypes, Hiki and Getty Images launch #AutisticOutLoud

More often than not, autistic people are portrayed as white boys and men. A new campaign aims to remedy that oversight and sees Hiki, a friendship and dating app for the autistic community, joining forces with stock photography giant Getty Images for #AutisticOutLoud.

For representation that's more realistic and encompassing, #AutisticOutLoud is building a collection of photos and videos of autistic people made by autistic photographers and content creators. It deliberately includes women and people of color — groups that have long been overlooked. The imagery is available for commercial use through Getty Images and Unsplash.

Trend Bite

Hiki and Getty Images' campaign isn't just a question of visibility but also of harmful medical bias. The traditionally narrow representation of autistic people as white and male has distorted societal perceptions and contributed to serious underdiagnosis and invalidation for women and people of color. Individuals who didn't match the stereotype saw their experiences dismissed or misunderstood.

As personal stories on TikTok and Instagram make conditions such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia more visible than ever, growing numbers of people are seeking diagnosis — a shift that's coinciding with medical professionals getting better at identifying cases. An estimated 15-20% of the global population is recognized as neurodivergent, and that group includes all ages, races and genders. High time for inclusive narratives that are progressive, accurate and empowering — how can your brand contribute?

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Image credit: Paff Evara/Getty Images
Spotted by: Jorgelina Garcia Ayub