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City of Chone puts memes to work on construction signs

With seven major infrastructure projects underway in Chone, the Ecuadorian city's residents are apt to lose their patience when they run into yet another blocked road or detour. To lighten the mood, construction-themed memes showed up alongside the usual signs.

As reported by El Telegrafo, the idea came from Luis Macías, Chone's Director of Communications, who referred to the campaign as 'meme-branding', and hoped it would ease people's annoyance about inconveniences caused by construction.

In a region that is suffering from gang violence, floods caused by the heaviest rains in a decade, and a brutal pandemic, a bit of levity can go a long way. If marketing teams at other governments decide to follow Chone's lead and crank up the meme generator, our Slack channels eagerly await the results :-) 

Thanks to Sara Correa for the tip!

Image: Ecuavisa