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Colombian brewery prints promises by presidential candidates on beer cans

Every election campaign is replete with promises by politicians trying to win votes. In Colombia, a craft beer brand wants to hold the winning candidate to their word. Just before the May 29th presidential elections — with a run-off following on June 19th — Dos Tercos released a series of Cervezas Inolvidables or Unforgettable Beers, "which will have the purpose of preventing any of our candidates, in the future, from suffering from selective amnesia or mental blackouts and from forgetting what they promised us.'

From jailing corrupt officials and creating an online university to building new public hospitals and reforming agriculture — one promise by each candidate is printed on a beer can with their name on it. The winning candidate's can will remain in production for their four-year term as president of Colombia, as a reminder of their pledge.

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Corporate entities have a long and shadowy history of lobbying governments and political leaders. Much of that was hidden from view and not always in the best interest of consumers. Now, people increasingly expect brands to make progress on social change and to speak up about politically-charged issues. With its Cervezas Inolvidables campaign, Dos Tercos isn't taking a stand for a specific candidate but is reminding both politicians and voters that campaign promises need to be more than just fleeting slogans.