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Corona invites its customers to monitor Mexico's coasts with beach pics of beer bottles

In a novel move to support coastal conservation efforts, Mexican beer brand Corona has embarked on a citizen science initiative that invites every customer to become a Guarda Costas and actively participate in tracking the health of Mexico's beaches. By snapping photos of Corona bottles on beaches with the sea in the backdrop and submitting them to the company's website, anyone can provide valuable data for researchers working to understand and combat the negative impacts of climate change and other factors on coastal areas.

Using the fixed dimensions of a bottle of Corona beer for scale, every photo can reveal vital information about sea level rise, coastal erosion, beach composition, sand changes and weather conditions. By analyzing these images, scientists can better understand the current state of beaches and devise concrete actions for preserving them. Participants could also see the photos they've submitted appear in Corona ads.

Trend Bite

Corona's innovative approach to crowdsourcing data demonstrates the potential for brands to engage customers in meaningful initiatives beyond traditional marketing campaigns. Guarda Costas doesn't just raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation but provides a near-frictionless way for anyone to get involved. All while promoting the brand, of course ;-)

As the climate crisis threatens coastal regions worldwide, partnerships between businesses and the scientific community can pave the way for more creative solutions to urgent environmental challenges.