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Corona introduces world's first non-alcoholic beer infused with vitamin D

Targeting both the sun-starved and the sober-curious, Corona Sunbrew just made its debut in Canada. The non-alcoholic beer β€” taglined 'Sunshine, anytime' β€” is fortified with vitamin D, each 330 ml bottle containing 30% of the recommended daily amount.

Following its launch in wintry Canada, Corona Sunbrew will be brought to the UK and key markets in Europe, South America and Asia later this year. 

Trend Bite

AB InBev-owned Corona is taking aim at the growing market for low-to-no alcohol beverages, citing research that the category is forecasted to grow by 31% by 2024

'Buzz-less spirits' are also listed as one of Whole Foods' top 10 food trends for 2022: "The dialed-down spirits category experienced record growth in our stores this year. With millennials and Gen Z-ers dabbling in 'drysolation' during the pandemic, we don’t see the sober-curious mindset going away anytime soon."

In that increasingly competitive field, Corona sets Sunbrew apart by adding vitamin D, appealing to the overlap between mindful drinkers and health-focused consumers, and functionally connecting the beverage to sunshine's warm and happy vibes.

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Spotted by: Terence Moore