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The Jane Goodall Institute has partnered with Crate&kids to create a line of home products

The Jane Goodall Institute has partnered with Crate&kids (home furnishing brand Crate & Barrel's children's line) to create a line of home products. The collection includes a Serengeti quilt, chimp and toucan pillows, and — perhaps most likely to excite budding zoologists — a playhouse modeled after Dr. Goodall's research camp in Gombe, Tanzania. 

As the world's favourite primatologist stated, "The animals featured in this collection will inspire curiosity in children about wildlife and the natural world." Crate&kids will also promote Roots & Shoots, The Jane Goodall Institute's youth program. 

This partnership speaks to various themes of 2020: how home became a sanctuary, people (re)discovered an interest in nature, and remote learning meant that children spent more time at home than ever before. A wider trend — and business opportunity! — is the notion of ambient or passive learning: creating an environment that intrinsically sparks interest in a world beyond our own front doors. Time to start thinking about how to stimulate children and adults to learn as they interact with their everyday surroundings, beyond their screens ;-)

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