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Currently discounted at Peruvian supermarket Tottus? Mammograms, 'a life-saving bargain'

In a bid to democratize access to essential healthcare, Peruvian supermarket chain Tottus rolled out a new offering for breast cancer awareness month: it's selling mammograms for PEN 99 (USD 26/EUR 24). That price significantly undercuts the fees commonly charged by private clinics, which operate as alternatives to public healthcare providers with months-long waiting times.

The purchase process is as streamlined as buying groceries; customers pick up a card from designated stores, pay at checkout and schedule an appointment with screening provider Clínica Internacional. Available through 15 December 2023, the offer includes results and screening images on a CD, available three business days after the exam. The concept was developed by McCann Lima.

Trend Bite

Pink candles, pink chocolate, pink sweaters, pink cans of baked beans... Every October, brands pile on the pink. While some are truly generous in their efforts to back breast cancer research and support people impacted by the illness, others are sales-driven or publicity-seeking. And consumers are on to them: in a February 2023 Ipsos survey, 65% of US respondents said too many businesses use the language of social purpose without committing to real change.

Tottus, meanwhile, is providing a concrete benefit by selling mammogram vouchers in its stores. When thinking about Breast Cancer Awareness or any other social impact program, ensure your initiative isn't self-serving or functioning as a revenue opportunity. Is your brand genuinely adding value for the cause it aims to support? Could you get practical and leverage your sales or logistics channels to make an immediate difference?

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